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The world sits in a precarious state. The year is 1999, and a new millennium is right around the corner. Y2K is still on everyone’s mind, there is unrest in Turkey and the Middle East, but it is also a time of optimism. The US economy has never been better, and the DOW closed above 10,000 for the first time ever. It’s well established fact that the world is entering a golden age of computing, industry, and technology. It is thought that in the next decade, Poverty, War, and Strife may all become things of the past. Clearly, we stand on the edge of a great future.

Who We Are.

image001.jpgThere are things that we don’t know. Things hiding in the shadows, just out of reach of humanity. Aegis Nova is a private organization dedicated to finding, cataloging, and when necessary, containing those threats. We serve for the betterment of Humanity.

In the past, Aegis Nova has been primarily interested in cataloging artifacts of Antiquity. From these, we know that at one time, magic existed on the earth. We believe that the myths and legends that were passed down from ancient times were real. We are certain that Vampires walked the streets of ancient Rome, Werewolves prowled the forests of Gaul, and Mages stood beside the ancient kings of Britain.

We don’t know why those creatures no longer exist, but the information that can be learned is of great value. Aegis Nova is dedicated to finding that information, and ensuring that it is safely handled in a way that best protects humanity, and strengthens us for the challenges we may face in the future.

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