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This page will hold any out of character information about the world of Aegis Nova.

How does the Chronicles of Darkness game lines interact with this world? – Not all of the supernatural types exist in the world of Aegis Nova, and the ones that do may have changed significantly. Most of this will be discovered by the players as the game progresses, but it’s helpful to know what is and isn’t possible. To better explain what you might expect, I’ve made the Chronicles of Darkness Game Lines document that lists each line specifically and what changes there may be. This is a high level view of each game line, and may change as the game progresses.

What about lesser templates? Lesser templates will be handled on a case by case basis. Many are a given. Ghouls, Wolf-blooded, Psychics, Low-magic Users all definitely exist. Other changing breeds may or may not, depending on the direction of the story. Skinchangers probably don’t. Revenants and Dhampyrs are very unlikely. Others will be handled on a case by case basis.

What Merits are available? Because of the nature of the changes from first to second edition, and the range of merits spread across several game lines, there is not a definitive list of merits available. I’m working on one. For now, there is a merits page which lists all the merits in the World of Darkness. If the game exists as a 1st edition and a 2nd edition, the 2nd edition takes priority. If multiple versions exist, the Storyteller will clarify which is in use.

OOC Resources

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