CoD lines

This is a high level overview of the game lines in the Chronicles of Darkness, and how they are changed in the world of Aegis Nova. Some game lines don’t exist at all, while others are severely altered to account for the setting. As always, if you wish to interact with a supernatural, check with the Storyteller first.

Vampire – Definitely. However, Vampire society has crumbled and changed in the thousand year darkness. The clans are the same, but the covenents are not, and there are no societies of vampires lurking in the darkness of the cities, no Princes, and no political scheming. Vampire packs are made up of only a few members, often the same clan and sometimes the same brood. This is not to say that covenents do not exist. Many have existed for thousands of years, and those roots run deep.

Werewolf – Definitely. Tribes exist in much smaller numbers, though, and don’t really intermix yet.

Mage – Definitely. Mage society remained largely untouched, but cut off from the rest of the world. Now, as new mages begin to awaken on earth, the masters have returned, but are still laying low in order to test the new limits of the world.

Promethean – Definitely, although very rare. There may only be one or two in the world.

Changeling – Definitely. Changeling society was nearly unchanged by the darkness. The ones that survived acted as lorekeepers. Few new changelings were created however, as the ways to Arcadia were blocked. This changed in 1969, and many changelings have been created in the past 30 years, perhaps numbering in the thousands.

Hunter – Not available.

Geist – Not available.

Mummy – Probably. There may only be a couple in the world.

Demon – Definitely

Beast – Not available.

Deviant – Possibly

CoD lines

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