The Dark Age is Over.

Magic is real. The fantastic creatures from lore have always existed. But magic is not as powerful as it once was, it’s been suppressed. Magic is part of the life blood that flows through the world, but a thousand years ago, something changed. As the solar system traveled around the galaxy, it entered a giant cloud. This cloud could not be seen or sensed, and had little effect on the physical world. This cloud of “dark matter” suppressed the connection with the magical environment, and once the earth was inside it, there was little evidence that it existed at all. Magic dwindled, and all but a few pockets disappeared. The dark ages weren’t dark because we lost our way, but because we lost our sight. The Renaissance didn’t defeat magic, but replaced it. Some believed it was gone forever.

But now, the cloud is thinning. Magic is waking up, and things long thought myth and legend are returning to the world. Vampires walk the night. Werewolves stalk in the forests. Necromancers bring the dead back to life. And maybe something bigger lurks just outside of our sight?

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